5 reasons why Salesforce is a great tool for law firm internet marketing


There are a lot of options in regard to customer relationship and case management for law firms but Salesforce is a great one for pure lead gen that ties into your website.Continue Reading

User testing made easy for law firm websites

Usability testing for law firms

Make your website better by seeing how customers feel about your site

Usertesting.com is an amazing tool that allows you to run very inexpensive tests to help you fix problems that customers are having with your website. Each test is about $39 and results come back easily within 24 hours. ...Continue Reading

Phone call tracking on your law firm website using Mongoose Metrics

Website phone tracking software for law firms

If you don’t have a unique 800 number on your website you are limiting your ability to track how many people contact you from your online marketing efforts. If you don’t know how many people contacted you and ...Continue Reading

Law firm analytics and conversion optimization using ClickTale

Clicktale for law firms

ClickTale can help you improve your website by showing you customer behavior

ClickTale shows you how customers behave on each page including how far down they scroll, how they interact with your forms and what links they click. Most law firms are way too focused on driving traffic and not ...Continue Reading

Keyword research for law firm SEO

Google keyword tool

Keywords are the foundation of search engine marketing. Whether you are going to do search engine optimization or paid search marketing you will need to research the keywords that your customers will be using in an attempt to ...Continue Reading

14 highly profitable internet marketing strategies for law firms

How optimizing multiple tactics at once has a greater cumulative effect: Creating an Internet Marketing Strategy for Law Firms Requires an understanding of what marketing tactics are available and how they all go together. Below are fourteen of ...Continue Reading