Phone call tracking on your law firm website using Mongoose Metrics

Website phone tracking software for law firms

If you don’t have a unique 800 number on your website you are limiting your ability to track how many people contact you from your online marketing efforts. If you don’t know how many people contacted you and all of the available touch points on your website from form submissions, live chats, to phone calls and even brochure downloads, you won’t have a full picture of how you are generating ROI.

But having one 800 number is not nearly as good as having Mongoose Metrics. You can track what happens before, during and after calls from your site at the keyword level. Mongoose Metrics displays a different 800 number to each user so that it can give you a greater level of tracking detail.

When you know what keyword drove the phone to ring and can even listen to the recorded transcript of the conversation and see the person’s name and address you will be in a much better position to determine what keywords are driving high quality leads.

Some of the website call tracking features are as follows:

  • Dynamic numbers
  • Tie in your analytics programs
  • Recording of phone calls
  • Geographic location tracking
  • Paid search integration

Mongoose Metrics pricing and call tracking package plans

Pricing supposedly starts at $100/month, though we have some clients paying less. Pricing is based largely on how much call volume you have and the estimated click volume for your site. An estimate of the amount of minutes you expect to use and the estimated web hits for the site is required to get a quote.

Internet marketing is famous for having a very high ROI compared to traditional advertising. But if you don’t have all visibility in terms of tracking where your leads are coming from the decisions you make in your web strategy will be based on shifting Sands.

I highly recommend that you check out mongoose metrics and give it a try by visiting their website. Feel free to contact me as well if you have additional questions.

If anyone would like to share their experiences or alternative call tracking tools, please chime in, on the comments section below.

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