Increase the number of people that take an action on your law firm’s website with conversion rate optimization

If your company will generate twice as much revenue from the number one spot in paid or organic results, you can spend twice as much to get there. In addition, if you double your conversion rate, you essentially double your revenue.

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Conversion rate optimization services

How important is CRO?

In addition to making PPC feasible, given the high competition in the legal industry, Google also has patents on determining whether or not your customers convert, so advanced SEO experts like me, place a high emphasis on this powerful marketing tactic.

The following will be part of our process for improving conversions.

  • Call to action and buyer journey optimization – Documenting your buyers journey and pain points will help us perform better optimization. It will allow us to offer calls to action at various stages of the marketing funnel specific to your customers/industry.
  • Persona Development – Defining more tightly who you are targeting will improve our persuasive writing and increase conversion opportunities.
  • Website navigation, bounce rate / time on site optimization – Optimizing your site to improve the user experience with actionable data such as bounce rate, exit rate, time on site and where people are scrolling / clicking, will help all tactical efforts – especially PPC and also SEO Via Google Rankbrain / AI.
  • Heat Mapping – We will implement heat mapping and click tracking software on key areas of the site, home page, service pages, etc. (landing pages if we add them).
  • Analytics tracking, auditing and recommendations – We will evaluate channel effectiveness, look for conversion pitfalls, etc., within analytics data and use this data to corroborate findings from other tactics (heat map, user tests, etc.).
  • User Tests – Quarterly, we’ll run at least 1 round of user tests (Q&A) to uncover pitfalls and again cross reference with the other data gathered.
  • Landing Page Creation and Optimization – We will design and build landing pages, if we believe it will help for key market segments, to accelerate PPC conversion results.

This is especially helpful when the site has load time, mobile UX flaws and issues of not being able to simplify the layout or add important conversion elements.

We have used Unbounce landing page software for many years with excellent results and we can work independently of bulky back end systems or team processes that may block the speed of making adjustments. This can help us quickly impact your bottom line.

These landing pages will go on a subdomain of your site and will intentionally be blocked from Google’s index via no index / no follow code.

  • A/B testing – for website or landing pages, as needed to further boost conversions. Depending on which pages are receiving the most traffic we can launch A/B tests of headlines, copy, imagery, etc.

Here are some of the basics in our introductory level CRO services

  • Strategy and site review call.
  • 3 user testing videos with actions to take to fix users issues.
  • Hot jar heat mapping / scroll mapping.
  • 3 new headlines.
  • 3 new sub headlines.
  • Call to action analysis and suggestions with light adjustments like adding buttons or links.
  • Review and possible adjustment of your navigation.
  • Review and adjust placement of testimonials and trust badges / association badges etc.
  • Review of high traffic, high bounce rate pages for fixing conversion leaks.
  • If you are doing PPC we can create one landing page – writing, design and dev included.
  • Point of action assurances like privacy policy implementation.

Our landing page design and writing helps you win

There is a reason why we win landing page design awards.

We take the time to think through what your customer is thinking and give them what they want.

Once upon a time, paid search was a “set it and forget it” option in the online marketing world, but all that changed. Some clicks Google estimates to cost over $1,000. The most we have paid in the legal industry is $600 but it worked because of good CRO.

Now, paid search requires an understanding of both assessment tools and landing page testing to ensure you get the most out of each click you’re paying for.

Our paid search specialists can help you achieve max ROI on paid search campaigns with custom landing page design, targeted copywriting, and expert campaign management that takes your paid search advertising to the next level.

Our landing page campaigns include:

  1. Writing
  2. Design
  3. Development (using tools like Unbounce landing page software and A/B testing tools)

Analytics optimization, user experience and user signal audit

If you’re just driving more traffic to your website, you’re essentially adding water to a leaky bucket. Getting more leads, more conversions, and more profits requires methodical user activity analysis.

Google Analytics and goal tracking

I can help you set goals to track everything from how many people click through to your important pages to how many people fill out your online forms.

Actions – e.g., special offers, forms, and other calls to action and incentives – need to be defined and measured. Changes to increase actions need to be made and tested. And if users don’t stay on your site, your ranks will go down.

Google tracks user behaviors, like how long visitors stay on your site after a search, whether they bookmark your page or bounce off, etc. Your website needs to give visitors a reason to stick around and, furthermore, to take action. That means you need great writing, free information, exciting offers, and other content that gets visitors excited.

Heat Mapping with HotJar (and other tools like Crazy Egg and ClickTale)

Heat mapping tells you where users click, scroll and move not just what pages they visited and how long they stay.


Initial set-up & benchmarking (or audit) and ongoing analytics are also part of our advanced legal marketing services.

Here is an idea of the types of things we do in this area:

  • Google Analytics optimization, configuration and conversion goal tracking set up
  • Custom monthly analytics dashboard tied back to your corporate and lead generation goals.
  • Google Analytics audit of user experience signals: bounce rate, time on site, visit depth etc.
  • Google Search Console set-up and verification with monthly analysis
  • Google Search Console audit for website errors
  • Google Search Console audit for user signal optimization
  • Hotjar set up for advanced heat mapping to diagnose conversion leaks
  • Baseline keyword ranking report watermarking current activity (Google, Yahoo/Bing)
  • Monthly Search Engine Ranking Reports

Our analytics and reporting services track things like these to make sure your website rocks:

  • Keywords and keyword phrases (search terms) people use to find your site
  • Bounce rate of top pages and actions to improve
  • Top entry and exit pages
  • Top sites that send you traffic
  • How long visitors stay
  • Your unique goals

What to do next if your interested in conversion rate optimization services

Let’s see how I can help make YOUR law firm website more persuasive and profitable.

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