Looking for a Steady Flow of Law Firm Leads from Google Ads?

Google Ads is a great way to get leads for your law firm quickly and to create a steady stream of potential new clients.

However, you may not be well-versed enough on your own to make sure you’re getting the most for your ad spend.

Pay-per-Click marketing is not just about managing campaigns but also about positioning and optimizing the user’s experience when they click.

I can help you create a customized law firm PPC campaign that works for you. My team and I were invited to Google headquarters four years in a row at their expense as a result of the innovative legal marketing strategies we were using to get consistent leads for law firms.

Getting your legal ads running properly is a just phone call away.

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My Law Firm PPC Services Include a Proven 10-Step Process to Help You Get More Leads

After decades in the digital marketing industry, I’ve developed a unique 10-step PPC advertising process that gets results:

  1. Keyword Research and Selection
  2. Creative Development of Ad Copy
  3. Landing Page Identification and Optimization
  4. Campaign and ROI Tracking
  5. Advertisement Submission
  6. Adjusting of PPC Account Settings in Google and Bing Ads
  7. PPC Bid Management
  8. Daily Analysis
  9. Ongoing Campaign Strategy Improvements
  10. Creative and A/B Testing

Some PPC agencies just want to play with keywords and ad groups, but the big wins have to do with value proposition optimization and marketing psychology as expressed through your law firm’s website.

Our website conversion rate optimization suggestions help you understand why more visitors aren’t contacting your law firm, so we can fix it.

Or, browse our lawyer SEO services that utilize the effective marketing strategies outlined in my latest book on content marketing and SEO for lawyers.

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