Effective Law Firm Social Media Management and Training

Social media should be part of every comprehensive legal marketing campaign, but when done incorrectly, it can be a waste of time or worse, a money sink.

If you’ve struggled to effectively use social media to your law firm’s advantage, I can help. We’ll discuss SMART goals, content ideas, and how to best reach your target market. We’ll use the latest analytics tools to effectively measure the success of your law firm’s social media marketing and will custom tailor the strategy based on analytics data. This means you never spend too long doing what doesn’t work for your audience and do more of what does work.

Why Consider Me?

I’ve been working in the digital marketing industry since its inception and have been invited to advise colleges for their social media marketing coursework and accreditation. I’m the author of multiple books on content and SEO that illustrate my passion for excellence in marketing. With 26 years of consistent results, I combine large marketing firm expertise with one-on-one personalized service.

Work with me directly, with no long-term contracts that allow you to cancel anytime.

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Here’s what I don’t do:

  1. Post to your law firm’s social media channels on your behalf just to fill a quota.
  2. Assume that organic social reach is still strong enough to drive lots of leads for the average law firm.
  3. Fail to integrate your legal content marketing strategy with your social media strategy.

Instead, I:

  1. Help you build a personal brand on the social media platforms that are the most relevant to your potential clients.
  2. Focus on thought leadership and authority building.
  3. Streamline services to save you time and money by deeply tying advanced SEO content with proven social media marketing strategies.
  4. Teach and empower you to get actively involved in social media and create conversation and communication with potential clients – this is where the engagement happens.
  5. Ensure that your accounts are either active or closed, so that prospective clients, visitors, and referrals see only recent, relevant content.

LinkedIn Marketing

The LinkedIn sessions at legal marketing conferences are always packed for good reason. LinkedIn is a great way for you to build thought leadership and authority, as well as foster new relationships with peers, mentors, and other legal professionals.

I created the 9-Step LinkedIn Road Map for Law Firms that provides a solid foundation for LinkedIn marketing for lawyers. With this framework, I can help ensure your law firm’s company page and individual attorney profiles are up to date and optimized for maximum exposure. Together, we’ll make sure your firm is taking advantage of all of the best ways to promote your content and services.

YouTube Marketing

By 2022, web videos will represent more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic, according to Cisco. Pew Research states that 73% of adults in the U.S. use YouTube. What many law firms don’t know is that YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google.

Video marketing is clearly booming, yet many law firms aren’t taking advantage of using video to create a personal connection with potential clients.

I’ve personally seen the excellent results of video marketing after having done numerous user tests on our landing pages and law firm websites with and without video. It’s always a pleasure to see how well visitors react to videos of attorneys answering questions or discussing topics their target audience wants to know about. I use a personally developed, Google-approved video marketing strategy that positions your law firm as an authority in your niche and improves your SEO.

I can work with you directly to handle your YouTube marketing, or I can help train your staff on effective strategy and optimization skills.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook’s organic marketing reach is so low that you may be tempted not to post at all. However, Facebook ads can be a very quick and powerful way to get leads, particularly in certain legal niches like mass tort, estate planning, or elder law.

Since you need a Facebook page to run ads, it takes minimal effort to also do organic marketing. Then, it’s critical to test each to determine which type of Facebook marketing is most effective for your law firm.

Some benefits of Facebook marketing for law firms is the ability to showcase legal content, promote upcoming events, demonstrate results, and build relationships and credibility.

Facebook Messenger also works well as a conversion and customer service tool.

Twitter Marketing

Many law firms avoid Twitter marketing because it just seems too difficult or unfamiliar. However, with specific strategies, you can take advantage of the unique type of exposure that Twitter has to offer. Twitter can become a powerful asset for your law firm when you engage with journalists who look for experts to feature in various articles. Engage with journalists who may want to consult or quote an attorney in your field. When a journalist or other notable figure refers to you, their following will naturally be directed to your social media pages, creating the opportunity for you to engage with multiple potential new clients.

Marketing on Other Social Media Platforms

There are many other social media platforms that attorneys have had success with. What is most important when choosing where you’ll establish your presence is ensuring you’re on the same platforms your target audience is on and where you can stay consistently active and relevant.

Learn how I can help your law firm turn your social media from a waste of time into a productive part of your overall legal marketing plan.

Or, browse our lawyer SEO services that utilize the effective marketing strategies outlined in my latest book on content marketing and SEO for lawyers.

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