My name is John McDougall, and I am the CEO of McDougall Interactive, publisher of The Legal Marketing Review and an authority on internet marketing for law firms.

My father owned the sixth-largest ad agency in New England so advertising is in my blood. I switched from media planning to web marketing in 1995 and never looked back. I took a class on search engine optimization in 1996, so I am among the earliest adopters of SEO.

After providing Internet marketing consulting services for a variety of industries (With clients such as Philips Medical, Arrow Electronics, Hearing Planet, MIT and numerous law firms, banks, retailers and colleges) I realized we could have a greater impact if we focused on one type of client. Our strongest category, where we have driven tens of millions of dollars in leads, is law firms, so I decided to create this blog to share my extensive knowledge.

My team of over a dozen people helps law firms understand how to create a comprehensive internet marketing strategy and how to use of SEO, Paid Search and Social Media to generate more, and better, leads.

We know how to develop legal content for you and with you, the sites you want links from, the journalists in your space, how to produce legal video marketing that drives leads, and what it takes for a law firm to transform their web marketing into a powerful branding experience that is helpful to potential clients.

I hope that this blog and my passion for marketing and creativity will help counsel you as you extend your networking skills from word-of-mouth to the web.