Live chat for law firms using Ngage

About 30% of leads for our law firm clients are coming through the live chat so I am a firm believer in this service.

Why use Ngage for Live Chat

About 80% of website traffic is from people who are in a research mode. So if you only have calls to action like call us or fill out this form you will be missing a good percentage of web visitors. Live chat allows the user to connect with you in a more casual way before committing to talking on the phone or giving a lot of information in a form.

When someone comes on to your website, Ngage will pop up a window asking if they would like to use the chat feature. They are also given an option to close the window.

Once people start chatting they often are willing to share information on their situation and their contact details such as name phone number, address and email.

The Ngage representatives do not pretend to be able to answer legal questions on your behalf. They simply encourage the user to share their situation and how they would like to be contacted. Then they tell the person that the best lawyer to answer their questions will get back to them right away. Ngage then contacts you with the very detailed transcript of the chat session. The transcript includes the contact information but also what keyword and search engine drove them to your website. It also shows that they came from paid search, social media or organic search so you are better able to track ROI and where your leads are coming from.

If you don’t use live chat you simply won’t get as many leads. There are certain amount of people that will not fill out a form and are not ready to call you. So by adding live chat you will get visitors that you would not have received otherwise.

If you are uncomfortable having representatives field chats for you can use a program such as live person and do the chats yourself. The major disadvantage is that you are not available 24/7/365. We have seen a lot of great information come in through chats as late as 3:00 in the morning.
There is a website reporting system with Ngage that lets you see all of the chats or you can have them sent to your email or cell phone.

Benefits of Ngage Live Chat

  • When a visitor sees that someone is available to chat they trust your website more
  • Capture leads 24/7/365
  • When a user feels like you are there for them to listen to their story they like you more and are more likely to convert it to a customer
  • You will generate leads that you would not have received with just forms and phone numbers on your website
  • Studies show that responding to a website inquiry within an hour increases the conversion rate significantly. By following up right away on live chat sessions you will show potential customers that you are readily available to work with them.

Give the Ngage Live Chat program I try for your law firm’s website. It will likely pay for itself very quickly.

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