Seven reasons why lawyers should use PPC

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Paid search, affectionately known as PPC is a great part of your overall marketing mix and here are seven reasons the strongly consider using PPC for your law firm.

1. Google Maps is a favorite app with the General Public

You can place your ads along with the Google Map results when people are trying to find a Law Firm by a location. PPC Ads can be displayed along with your free Google Plus listing and when combined, the search result page is dominated with your business messages.

2. Get Leads Fast and When You Want Them

When using PPC to advertise your services you may see leads even within just a few days or weeks. It’s a simple way to turn on or off the lead pipeline, and can be adjusted to your demands for new business.

3. Find out if Your Website will Convert

A targeted PPC campaign will uncover any conversion issues with your website. In just a matter of a few hundred visits you can test if web visitors are not converting into a lead request and quickly identify web marketing issues.

4. Responding to Action Searches

In PPC advertising for lawyers, you can directly align the searches types to various stages in their interest. For example, if they are looking for a “DUI lawyer” as opposed to “DUI laws”, you can respond with ads and landing experiences that are appropriate. “DUI Lawyer” is a search type when they are ready to take action, while “DUI laws” are informational searches.

5. Create Curiosity & Awareness

There are legal service offerings that the general public is unaware how they would benefit from. The Google content network with it’s broad reach into popular blogs or discussion forums is an excellent approach to getting the word out.

6. Test New Opportunities for your Business

Before launching full force into a new service offering, you can size up if the market opportunities are viable. For example, in product liability lawsuits, you can use PPC to see if there’s enough interest or demand by a targeted region before rolling out to a wider audience and over spending.

7. Development of your Brand

PPC ads can be displayed at the very top of the search results page when people search for your services by your company name. Use this opportunity to enhance your brand message. Leveraging both organic and PPC listing means you can further advance your value prop and create separation from your competitors.

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