Tracking conversions on law firm websites for killer ROI

Tracking Conversions for Law Firms

If you’re not tracking each one of the ways customers can become a lead from your website directly in analytics you will not be able to perform conversion optimization properly. You will need to track each of the following types of conversions before you can attempt to improve the rate at which each of these actions happens.

• Phone number tracking
• Tracking of website inquiry form submission
• Tracking of live chat conversations
• Clicks on email links
• PDF / brochure downloads

What is a conversion rate?

Your conversion rate is the amount of people that take an action on your website. If 1000 people come to your website and 10 of them convert into a lead or sale then you have a 1% conversion rate.
Using Google analytics to track conversions and goals
In Google analytics there is a thing called goals. A goal is something that you have to set up. It doesn’t just happen by installing the Google analytics code on your website.

Form submissions on law firm websites

An example of a goal conversion is when somebody hits the submit button on a website and is taken to a thank you page. The thank you page needs code from Google analytics installed on it in order for you to be able to register it as the completion of the goal. Once you set up the thank you page is a goal you will be able to see a graph with the number of goal completions. You should look at this every month and work on increasing the amount of goal conversions.

Ngage live chat for attorneys

Ngage live chat is a service that allows you to outsource your live chat feature. The representatives don’t pretend to be able to answer legal questions but only encourage the user to share their story and their contact information. You can set up live chat calls in analytics as well and track it on a monthly basis. Learn more about Ngage live chat for law firms here.

Mongoose metrics

A great tool that we use to track conversions from phone numbers is mongoose metrics. This tool displays a different phone number to each visitor and is able to tell you what keyword and search engine were used to get them to your website. Knowing how many phone calls the law firm received and what keywords drove the call can help you improve your ROI and tracking capabilities. You can also set Mongoose Metrics to record the calls and listen back later to improve your sales process.

In order to have a clearer sense of how well your campaigns are doing it is essential to have very organized goal / conversion tracking.
Once you have your tracking in place you can start to increase conversions in a systematic way and get killer ROI that leaves other law firms in the dust.

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