3 step conversion trinity framework for law firm lead generation

Today I wanted to talk about an important concept in conversion optimization called the conversion trinity. This can help your law firm get more leads and sales from your website. The concept is fairly simple and has 3 main parts:

  1. Relevance
  2. Value
  3. Call to action

Your website and or paid search ads have to be highly relevant to what the person searched for, so the keywords that they’re using in their search should be in the top of the paid search ad, they should be in headings on the top of your page, and you should have unique value. You have to clearly express why they should hire you opposed to another firm. If they can’t see that very quickly by glancing at your website it’s going to be less likely they will convert. And finally need a good call to action, and if you have multiple calls to action on your website you should have 1 main one that is the most obvious that you’re trying to point people towards such as a free consultation form. If you can make those 3 things work properly on your website you’ll definitely increase conversions.

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