Top of the marketing funnel calls to action for law firm websites

Increase law leads sales John McDougall

If you want to get more leads and sales from your law firm website it’s important to have a call to action for each stage of the buying cycle and or marketing funnel.

Most web visitors are just surfing the web and researching, in fact 80%. If you have an ebook so they can download information such as a guide to Mesothelioma nutrition. It’s going to be easier to get them to convert, because they feel like they don’t have to sign up with your firm.

At the middle of the funnel you can have a guide on choosing a law firm, and that’s about 15% of web visitors are in the middle of the funnel stage where they are comparing you to other people.

At the bottom of the funnel you have the free consultation form, and one of the biggest mistakes we see law firms making is they only have the free consultation form.

If you can change your mindset a little bit and have a call to action for each of the stages you’re guaranteed to get more leads and sales for your website.

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  1. John
    John says:

    Sounds great. We can give you ideas on blogging, content marketing, conversion optimization, social media and paid search etc. to make sure your strategy is well rounded and leveraging the interplay between tactics. I will give you a call. John


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