Creating and marketing awesome Infographics for law firms

What's an infographic

If you are not sure what infographics are, you are at both not alone but also behind the curve. Infographics are visual representations of information.
A search on Google images for Infographics for law firms will give you a quick overview of what infographics look like.

Here is a cool infographic about infographics by Hot Butter Studio

How can infographics get you leads?

By taking the time to gather statistics and information about a specific practice area and guiding a graphic designer to make that easily digestible in a visual format you will have something that your customers will truly appreciate. Infographics can be very basic and shared on your blog or they can be so detailed and incredible that the Wall Street Journal will want to add it to their blog and reference your firm.

At the very least infographics can be shared on infographics directories. Once you put an infographics on your blog you can share the URL with other blogs and magazines that convert that practice area/topic. So it is all about having something worth sharing that makes infographics and content development in general so valuable.

Let’s say you specialize in food poisoning law and you create an infographics about E. coli. You can then go into Google plus communities and LinkedIn groups and share the URL with people who were discussing the subject. That is much better than starting a conversation with a sales pitch.

How to define your infographics strategy

First you need to decide if you will be creating the infographics for your own website or for a website like Lawyers Weekly or the Wall Street Journal. If you think you have some very valuable information about a topic and might even be able to get a partner website that has much more traffic than you do to share your infographic, you may want to offer it as exclusive content that does not also go on your website. If you can get a site like lawyers weekly interested in your idea and get them involved in the early stages of your planning process, they will feel more connected to the project and it will more likely succeed.
If you want to get started more simply, just pick a topic that you know a lot about and have detailed information / statistics for and hire a graphic designer to put it into visual form.

Just make sure you don’t make what are called info crap graphics or infographics that don’t have much if any value. Take the time to gather high quality information that you can turn into a beautiful and helpful visual design.
Once you added your blog you can start the promoted and share it with influencers. By giving them the page to link to where the infographics is you can generate high quality back links.

Considering your customers will appreciate this type of information and possibly print it out, all of the extra benefits like increased search rankings, links and social media activity are icing on the cake. That is why infographics should be a part of your law firm Internet marketing strategy.

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  1. Chris
    Chris says:

    Love the data infographic. The one thing I would say is that infographics are now so common they no longer carry the power they used to back in 2006/2007 when they got popular. Getting a a well designed infographic to go viral was easy back then; now they’re so common it’s much harder.


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