Top 8 reasons why WordPress CMS kicks butt for attorney websites

Wordpress for law firms

1. It has become a household name

WordPress has become the de facto standard platform for small business websites. While there are larger and more complex content management systems on the market, they cost a lot more and require specialized programmers. WordPress on the other hand is known by almost every web marketing person you come across. When you go with a more complex system, you have to have a backup plan if you lose your developer. With WordPress there are people readily at hand to jump in and gladly take over when the last programmer left off. Considering that law firm marketing often requires great agility and being quick to be first, a universal tool like this is essential. It is not always the big that eat the small but the fast that eat the slow…

2. The plug-ins are amazing

WordPress has great plug-ins that make the essentials of search engine optimization easier. Tools such as the Yoast SEO plugin can save you a lot of time when setting up clean URLs, adding meta-tags, installing analytics and more. A word of caution is to only use the highest quality plug-ins and limit them to just the best ones. Using too many plug-ins can open yourself up to your website being hacked.

3. WordPress is free

Some of the larger content management systems cost a lot of money and are extremely complicated. WordPress is free and there are additional paid options available like the amazing Genesis and Thesis platforms.

4. WordPress is easy to use

The WordPress editor is very user-friendly and we can often teach people to make new pages, stylize text and add images in about a half an hour. Given that the search engines love new content, it is important to be able to easily add new pages and adjust them without your developer. Law firms often have limited marketing resources and the ability to get lower-level staff involved can be a great asset.

5. Integration with your blog

For the most part we no longer take customers who don’t do blogging. WordPress is our number one choice as a blogging platform and sometimes it is hard to integrate into other programs. By using WordPress for your main website and your blog, you will not have any integration problems.

6. Easily tie your content into social media profiles

You can easily send your blog content into Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter using plug-ins.

7. Comments on steroids

There are tons of great tools to integrate comments into your website and/or blog such as social by mail chimp or disqus. Comments make your blog more social and help your search engine optimization, so having a lot of options in terms of tools is a great benefit to your firm.

8. Support and stability

WordPress is supported by a very large number of developers. Smaller platforms come and go but WordPress is likely to stick around for a very long time making it a more stable choice than other trendy options. In addition, because it is so popular people are constantly adding to the WordPress engine making it better and more feature-rich all the time.

It is for these reasons that WordPress is our number one platform of choice for law firm websites and blogs. If you really need a more advanced system consider tools like Extron and Kenticho but be prepared for very considerable costs and a steep learning curve.

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  1. Shore Davis Johnston
    Shore Davis Johnston says:

    Always nice to hear more people singing the praises of WordPress. The greatest thing is the constant development, both of the platform itself and the plugins. We just launched a new plugin that creates a custom post type to allow firms to highlight important cases on their WordPress site. Check it out ( We’d love to hear your feedback.


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