How to Develop an Effective SEO Action Plan for 2017 (Webinar Video)


The most recent webinar that I co-hosted with Nicole Minnis, Esq. from the National Law Review was called “How to Develop an Effective Law Firm SEO Action Plan for 2017″. The webinar was intended for a legal audience and contains a number of examples from law firms on which to base your action plan. This content is great for any law firm trying to develop an advanced SEO strategy for their 2017 marketing plan.

We discuss in the webinar the steps that we recommend you take over the course of the next 12 months in order to increase your revenues. Not only did we review the recent Orbit Media study of 1,000 bloggers and what they do to differentiate themselves, but we also discussed the recent Searchmetrics 10,000-keyword study of ranking factors.

According to Searchmetrics the six main ranking factors are:

User Experience
User Signals
Social Media Marketing

This webinar highlights the things you need to be focusing on such as why click-through-rate, time-on-site, and bounce rate are more important than ever, why just having keywords in your meta tags and copy is not enough, how your website load time can directly affect your search rankings, and much more.

Below is a video of the webinar. I hope you find it informative and educational. By the end, you will have a 12-step action plan for success, based on data from industry leaders.  Please give me feedback if you find it helpful, and if you have recommendations for additional webinar topics that you’d like me to cover in the future, please let me know.

John McDougall

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