9 examples of law firm banner ads using the Google content network

You can make a good impression on potential clients for your law firm using graphically rich and engaging image ads that are displayed using the Google content network.

There are thousands of sites, apps and blogs in the Google content network that you can choose from.
You can create and manage, static or flash images to upload into Adwords.

You will need to create images in various sizes. Google has specific stats on the sizes needed for desktop versus mobile users.

Google also has a template ad builder if you don’t have a graphic designer to make custom ads for you. I strongly recommend that you find a good designer to do custom ads and make them engaging and persuasive as possible.

One of the risks in using the Google content network is that you get a lot of junk traffic that doesn’t convert well. The content network isn’t right for every attorney campaign. We have seen great leads come from the content network on some projects and absolute crap on others. In the examples below for a campaign where we are looking to stop text spam, the content network is an appropriate medium because of the lack of awareness around the topic. Because people might not be aware to search using keywords like “text spam lawyer” our options are more limited in terms of keyword driven advertising. By placing visual ads on highly relevant websites, potential customers will see the ads and become aware of the potential to be compensated for being spammed.

Facebook advertising is similar in the sense that you can specify by demographics or psychographics as opposed to relying solely on keywords that people will type into a search engine.

As usual it all comes down to testing and improving the ROI when you run a campaign like this. Lead scoring is essential here to make sure that even if you are getting a lot of leads from the content network that they are high quality and are converting into customers.

Some details for desktop ads are as follows:

File formats that Google allows are as follows: .GIF, .JPG, .JPEG, .PNG, .SWF
File size maximum: 50 KB or less for all files.
Some of the ad sizes that are supported can be seen below.

468×60 pixel image ad
Gilman 468x60

Gilman 728x90
Gilman 200x200
Gilman 250X250
Gilman 300x250
Gilman 300x600
Gilman 336x280
Gilman 120x600
Gilman 160x600
The content network at times can be full of fraud and I would appreciate hearing your comments on your experience running image ads.

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