How to Develop an Effective SEO Action Plan for 2017 (Webinar Video)

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How to Develop an Effective Law Firm SEO Action Plan for 2017

SEO Action Plan

Learn how to make this year your most profitable ever by getting consistent leads from SEO and positioning your firm as thought leaders. Continue Reading

5 Educational and Effective Legal Blogging Topics for Law Firms

Legal Blogging

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How to Use Hootsuite to Cut Your Social Media Efforts in Half

How Does Hootsuite Work

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The Key To Writing Killer Law Blogs

Key To Writing Law Blogs

Many lawyers who write law blogs miss the most critical part of writing a legal blog -- catering to their audience. Does your blog speak to your readers?Continue Reading

Authority Marketing Roadmap – LMA Boston Presentation

authority marketing roadmap

John McDougall spoke at the LMA Boston event in 2014 about his Authority Marketing Roadmap, explaining Google's emphasis on building trust and authoritativeness.Continue Reading

5 Crucial Pages Every Law Firm Website Should Have

Law Firm Website Stats

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LinkedIn for Lawyers: Marketing Strategies, Networking, Etiquette and More (Part 2)

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn marketing is important for attorneys, but it’s not worth it if you get disbarred or fined in the process. Here’s what to do and what to avoid.Continue Reading

LinkedIn for Lawyers: Marketing Strategies, Networking, Etiquette and More (Part 1)

LinkedIn for Lawyers

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How to Create an Editorial Calendar for Your Law Firm’s Blog

Editorial Calendar

Like newspapers and magazines, your law firm’s blog needs an editorial calendar to avoid premature abandonment and failure.Continue Reading

How Attorneys can use Infographics for Legal Marketing

Best Infographics

Learn how to create the best infographics to add variety to your law firms website content and how Attorneys use infographics for legal marketing.Continue Reading

Social Media for Law Firms, Thought Leadership and Building Trust

Social Media for Law Firms

Social media is one of today’s most powerful tools to help businesses attract and interact with new clients. Law firms are no exception, and attorneys who get involved in social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more ...Continue Reading