Ngage Live Chat Now Offers Live Transfer Phone Calls

Ngage Live Chat

We’ve previously talked about Ngage Live Chat, which is a 24/7 staffed live chat service that we find greatly increases leads for law firms by using a chat window invitation on your website. The chat operators do a great job of gathering the important information – including the user’s name, email, and phone number – and then they forward the entire transcript of the chat to the firm for you to follow up on.

Ngage has just rolled out a new, free, optional service that they are calling “Live Transfer,” where at the end of the chat (which otherwise is exactly the same as before) they ask the person “Would you like to get a call from the firm right now?” If the user responds “yes,” then an automated system will call the firm, and a robot voice will announce that Ngage is calling with a lead (the Caller ID indicates the call is from Ngage as well), and it will then call the user’s phone number and connect the two parties on the phone. Ngage will also forward a raw version of the transcript to your specified email address, so the firm’s contact person can refer to the chat transcript during the call.

The obvious advantage is that the user is connected directly with the firm, before they have a chance to shop around, and it gives you direct phone contact with the potential client immediately after they visit your site, rather than having a delay between when the user completes the chat and when the firm is able to get back to them, potentially increasing your likelihood of closing a deal.

You can specify certain business hours during which the operators will offer the Live Transfer option, and you will also specify the phone number and email address for the Live Transfer system to contact. Outside of the Live Transfer hours you specify, the chat will end as normal and you’ll get the transcript via email only.

One caveat – you should be sure that you have an intake team that is always available to take phone calls during business hours, or Live Transfer is not a good idea. It would be a poor user experience to be asked if you would like the firm to call right now, only to be informed that the firm is unavailable at this time. So if you have a small firm with a single person answering the phone (who might be away from their desk occasionally), or you have your phone calls going to voice mail or an answering service, then Live Transfer is likely not for you. In these cases, it would be better to simply accept the emailed transcript and be able to call the user back when you’re available. But if you can ensure that when a user calls, someone at the firm answers the phone at all times, then Live Transfer may be a good fit. Ngage indicates that they have tested this system with a number of firms already, and have had a positive response.

You can see a video of Ngage’s product announcement here:

If you would like to learn more about Ngage please contact Amie Portis, Director of Business Development, at or visit their website at

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