Increase click through rates in the search results for your law firm SEO strategy

It’s much cheaper and easier to improve your CTR or “click through rate” than it is to move up in the search results for your targeted keywords. There are also SEO benefits when you get more clicks because Google sees that your brand is trusted enough to be clicked on.

Title Tags for Increasing Click Through Rate

Easily one of the main deciding factors in whether someone clicks on your site in search results is your title tag. If your title tags are not attractive, your law firm website will probably not be clicked on, even if it’s ranked 1st. The title tags are usually the first thing people look at for seeing if the site will be the solution to their problem.

Since they just searched for something very specific using keywords it is ideal of the keywords are in the title tag to match the information “scent trail” that they are following. If you put your brand name first it may distract them. Include your brand name when it fits comfortably (And always on Home and About Us pages) but add it after the important keywords separated by a pipe (|). Make sure not to stuff too many keywords in or you will look like spam and will get fewer clicks.

While keywords are important, so is imparting emotion, showing a benefit and making people curious. Title tags are a huge part of SEO and the search results, so it is a shame that so many people do the essentials listed above but stop there. Below are 4 results from a search for “securities fraud lawyer los angeles” that shows just how boring it all starts to look:

When possible add a small bit of unique value to the title tag such as:

Toxic Mold Super Lawyer in Boston | Dewey and How LLP


Benzene Lawyer in Chicago with high AVVO rating | Dewey and How LLP

While you may be parting from exact traditional SEO it is worth experimenting with since Google is actually looking for sites that have unique value and get clicked on more often.(Just don’t overdo “stop” words like “an”, “in” “and” “with”)

You can certainly work on your blog post titles using this technique and perhaps more easily than main pages.

Title tags should always be unique, so make sure to vary them according to the content of each page. This is good for SEO and increasing CTR at the same time.

Google only displays approximately the first 65 characters of title tag in search engine results. After that the characters will get cut off which is why the essential information should go first.

Meta Description for Increasing Click Through Rate

Title tags are more important for attracting clicks but the meta descriptions can also be another enticing reason for people to check you out.

  • Make them descriptive and add keywords at the begging.
  • Make them unique on each page.
  • Keep them short as Google limits meta descriptions to 160 characters or less.

Viewers typically glance over descriptions to be reassured that this is what they’re looking for, so it’s best to keep keywords and unique value propositions from and center.

Google + AuthorRank for Increasing Click Through Rate

Here is an example of the top three sites that come up when searching for MA food poisoning lawyers:

Which one would you click on?

While the number one rank typically gets 30 to 40% of searches, you can be sure your face showing up
adds credibility and makes your site more likely to get clicked on.

Images for Author Rank stand out even more than the title tags (an image says 1000 words…). I believe it also helps users trust your site more, because you’re willing to put your face and name next to your service. I will do an in depth review of Google+ Author Rank for law firms soon.

Having your law firm’s website stand out in search results compared to your competitors can instantly improve its click through rate and generate more leads.

Are you comfortable picking “expert” partners to profile using AuthorRank?

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