Creating better about us pages for law firm websites

About us law firm pages

Outside of your homepage the About us page is one of the most important places people visit.

One of the mistakes that we see people making is putting too many lists of things they do and or features. I recommend you make it more personal such as having a picture of you and or your company at an outing. Talk about who you are opposed to what you do. Have your practice areas experts be featured, and then possibly link to their social media profiles.

In addition if you talk about the charities you work with and some of the events that you’ve done with volunteering you can see humanize your website and get more leads and sales.

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  1. Anthnoy Castelli
    Anthnoy Castelli says:

    I certainly agree the “about us” is a key spot.
    But what do you mean by “practice area experts”. And why would I want to take people away from my page and link to their social media profiles. I know you know your stuff. But there’s a disconnect here about what you are trying to say. Thanks

    • John McDougall
      John McDougall says:

      By practice are experts I mean the top lawyers in your practice for particular subject areas. So if you have a personal injury firm, you might have one lawyer who is really good with medical malpractice and dangerous medical devices and another well-known for auto accidents. If you show each of these lawyers’ social media touch points, people can connect with them. For example, having the social icons near their bio and photo, makes it easy to quickly reach out to them on LinkedIn or see their twitter stream etc.


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