Creating law firm calls to action for each stage of the buying cycle

Sales funnel

You can greatly increase your conversions if you have a call to action for each stage of the buying cycle/marketing funnel.
For each of the stages below you should have a call to action:

  • Top
  • Middle
  • Bottom

Top of the funnel

Most of the traffic on the web is at the early stage or the top stage of the funnel. About 80% of people are researching and not ready to buy. E-books are great example of a call to action that works well for the top stage of the marketing funnel. Users at this stage have questions that they need answered and your content can answer their questions as well as warm them up and make them one step closer to being ready to become a customer.

Middle of the funnel

The middle of the funnel is where people will compare you to other law firms. Having verdicts and settlements as well as success stories/case studies is a great way to capture people at the middle of the funnel. Having a link to sign up for a webinar where you are discussing issues that are important to a customer, as they decide if filing a lawsuit is right for them, is another way to capture people at this stage.

Bottom of the funnel

Only in very small percent (about 5%) of people when surfing the web are in the by now or sign up now mode. Having a free consultation form is a great way to capture people at the bottom of the marketing funnel. Visitors at this stage need to know why they should act now and not delay. Letting them know about the statute of limitations issue and how there is no fee unless you win their case are great ways to attract people in this mode.

You need to make absolutely sure that you are not displaying only calls to action based on one stage of the marketing funnel. If you want more leads for your law firm, I highly recommend creating content and/or calls to action that map to each stage.

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