Nine easy steps to create podcasts for law firms

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If I had a dollar for every law firm they told me that they don’t have time to do blogging I would be rich. Internet marketing is based on content so saying you don’t have time for it is not acceptable. While a lot of great content can be outsourced, some of the content really needs to come through interaction with the key partners. Podcasting is a great way to get content out of busy attorneys and is very painless.

Step one

Choose which lawyers will be your public facing experts for each practice area. Set them up with Google plus personal profiles and Google plus Author Rank. That way, when you go to post the podcast on your blog, it will be attached to an expert that Google can trust more deeply.

Step two

Review your keyword research to see what questions your customers have about your practice area.

Step three

Pick 6 to 12 questions that the interviewer will ask the attorney. Have the interviewing person (that can be anyone in your law firm) and the attorney review the questions beforehand, so they can be mentally prepared to answer them succinctly.

Step four

Choose a voice recorder such as your iPhone or a digital recorder that you buy at Staples. You can even do it over the phone using Test whatever system you are using beforehand and learn how to save the audio file to your computer.

Step five

Print out the questions that you generated for the interviewer and the attorney and start the recording. Simply asked the questions slowly and give the attorney time to answer. Keep the flow moving and answer the questions back-to-back with a reasonable amount of small natural pauses.

Step six

Once you get a good take of your questions, send the audio file to a company like casting words in New York where they can be transcribed into text very inexpensively.

Step seven

Create a nice bold heading for the page or blog post where the text will be placed on your website. Paste the text into the page and make it live on your website. Make sure to add the keyword rich heading on the page as the title tag in the pages code. i.e. 7 essential things to know about hiring a securities fraud lawyer.

Step eight

Make a link at the top of the text that allows people to play the audio file. Typically the audio file will be an MP3 and can be placed on the server and linked to easily.

Step nine

Now that you have a webpage and an audio file you can submit your podcast to online directories like and share it with influencers.

If your podcast is interesting, it can not only generate directory links that you submit but links from influencers and blogs that are interested in this practice area. By getting your content listed on other websites you will generate more traffic and visibility as well as leads.

Not only will this help you create more content for your blog without having to sit down and write it, but it can also be the basis for a short book such as 51 things to know about food poisoning and your legal rights.

If your content is really great it can go on iTunes for even greater publicity. While it might not be as exciting as video, it is a lot easier and less stressful to create. So now you have no excuse not to create great content for your law firm website.

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