Highly persuasive law firm “About Us” pages

A great way to increase sales is to make your “About Us” page better as it is often the most visited page after the home page.

Share passionately who you are not just what you do

Great “About Us” pages show a more personal side to your firm. People want to learn about who you are as people to get a sense of whether or not they can trust you. They don’t just want to see your “features” and a list of qualifications.

Unique value proposition

Without a clear mission statement of why you exist and what your specialties are you won’t be getting the attention of web surfers who have so many options of other firms at the click of a mouse. You need to show them the unique reasons to work with you. Add your amount of years in business, “awards” like Super Lawyers selection, Avvo ratings and verdict / settlement highlights but don’t make them the sole focus.

“Who we are”

Show off your values and personal interests, in addition to your qualifications.

“What we believe”

Tell people about your beliefs such as why you started the firm or why you became a lawyer.

Charitable causes

This is a great place to show people any work you do with charities as this humanizes your law firm.

Show off your talented experts

If you have a great team of experts show them off. Don’t just add their stats; add a pic of them in real life, not just a headshot. Or add a friendly pic of the whole team. If you have individual bio pages – which you should and which should include keywords for their practice area specialties – you can link to them.

Don’t be boring

Show people something fun or interesting so that they can imagine themselves connecting to you and your team as people.

Add a law firm video

Adding a video that is not overly promotional and perhaps talks about your charitable work and why you started the firm, can spark an emotional connection. YouTube is a great way to market your law firm.

Some additional items you can add to your law firm about us page:

  • Timelines / historic photos
  • Your key partners of attorneys social media connections
  • The firms Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn/Google Plus Links
  • Media coverage
  • Awards, certifications
  • Video interviews with the founder and or team

A more personal and persuasive “About Us” page just may be the difference between a great law firm website and an average one.

photo credit: Thomas Hawk via photopin cc

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